BMS 4S 5A 18650 Lithium Battery Pack Charge Board


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The BMS (Battery Management System) 4S 5A 18650 Lithium Battery Pack Charge Board is a compact and versatile circuit board designed to manage and protect a 4-cell lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery pack during charging. Here’s a detailed description of this charge board:

Description: The BMS 4S 5A 18650 Lithium Battery Pack Charge Board is an essential component for safely charging and managing 4-cell lithium-ion battery packs, commonly used in a variety of electronic devices and projects. This board incorporates a range of features to ensure the safety, longevity, and optimal performance of your battery pack.

Key Features:

  1. 4S Lithium Battery Compatibility: Designed specifically for 4-cell lithium-ion battery packs, typically arranged in series for a total voltage of 14.8V to 16.8V (depending on the state of charge).
  2. 5A Charge Current: Capable of handling a maximum charging current of 5 amps, which is suitable for a wide range of battery capacities.
  3. Balanced Charging: The BMS includes a balancing function to ensure that each cell within the battery pack is charged uniformly, preventing overcharging of individual cells.
  4. Overcharge Protection: Monitors the battery voltage during charging and prevents overcharging by disconnecting the charging current when the voltage reaches the safe limit.
  5. Over-Discharge Protection: Safeguards against over-discharging of the battery pack, which can damage the cells or reduce their lifespan.
  6. Short-Circuit Protection: Detects and responds to short-circuits in the battery pack, preventing dangerous situations.
  7. Temperature Monitoring: Some BMS boards include temperature sensors to monitor the battery’s temperature and prevent overheating during charging.
  8. LED Indicators: Many boards feature LED indicators that provide visual feedback on the charging status and any protection mechanisms that may be activated.
  9. Compact Design: The BMS board is compact and easy to integrate into various electronic projects, making it suitable for DIY applications.


  • Battery-powered electronics
  • Electric vehicles (e-bikes, scooters)
  • Solar power systems
  • Portable power banks
  • Robotics and drones
  • DIY battery packs
  • Backup power supplies
  • Battery-powered tools

The BMS 4S 5A 18650 Lithium Battery Pack Charge Board is an important component for maintaining the safety and performance of lithium-ion battery packs. It ensures that your batteries are charged, balanced, and protected, making it suitable for a wide range of applications where reliable power sources are essential.


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BMS 4S 5A 18650 Lithium Battery Pack Charge Board

149.00 300.00 With GST

498 in stock