A2212 1000 KV BLDC Brushless DC Motor for Drone


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Motor KV: 1000

Current Capacity: 12A/60S

LiPO Batteries: 2S-3S

Max. Efficiency Current: 4-10A

Shaft Diameter: 3.17 mm

Prop Adapter is quality tested before shipping to customers.

This is the cheapest ever brushless motor for drones. This motor is recommended to the newbie drone enthusiast and the wise pilots who are not willing to ruin the motors at the test stages.Even when they are available at a price everyone can afford, their shocking performance is what makes everyone like them (except A2212, at this price no Brushless Motor in the Market will give you the thrust around 700gm in fly). The low price of this motor is recognized with its low-quality bearings and magnets. This motor produces noise and vibration. Also, they become warm while operating at high speed. But all these shortfalls are negligible and doesn’t affect the performance of the motor.

The A2212 1000 Kv BLDC Motor for Drone equips shaft of 3.7mm. This Motor is equipped with the solid metal case which makes it reliable and durable in the crash. This A2212 1000 KV BLDC Motor comes with open wire end for your customize connections.


TIP: “This motor is bi-directional which means it can rotate in CW or CCW direction by swapping the polarity of input supply.”


Features :
    1. The steel design is capable of withstanding competitional conditions.
    2. Lightweight design makes them suitable for a wide range of Quadcopter and Hexacopter Frames.
    3. Compact size.
    4. Offers great performance and value for money.


Package Includes :

1 x A2212 1000 KV BLDC Brushless DC Motor

1 x Prop Adapter

A Motor Holder (X-type) and set of screws


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A2212 1000 KV BLDC Brushless DC Motor for Drone - roboway

A2212 1000 KV BLDC Brushless DC Motor for Drone

360.00 With GST

Out of stock